Services and Core Areas


 The company provides services in the field of industrial environmental services, with proven expertise in the areas of:

Ø  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Ø  Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES/EER)

Ø  Biodiversity Studies and Ecosystem Conservation

Ø  Marine, Wetlands and Coastal Studies

Ø  Hydrobiology and Aquatic Studies

Ø  Environmental Management Consulting and Regulatory Affairs

Ø  Environmental Auditing and Monitoring

Ø  Environmental Due Diligence Studies

Ø  Environmental and Socioeconomic Baseline Surveys

Ø  Post Impact Assessment (PIA) and Remediation Studies

Ø  Digital Mapping, Remote Sensing and Land Use Planning Activities

Ø  Waste Management Services

Ø  Procurement and Recruitment Services

Ø  Environmental Management Systems and Training

Ø  HSE Equipment (PPE) and Safety Products

Ø  Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Planning

Ø  Environmental Friendly, Green Products – Solar Energy System

Supply and Installation of Batteries and Inverters