About AFEL

The noble services of AFruitful Environment Limited (AFEL) include the provision of environmental consultancy and research services to the private, public and non-profit sectors.

AFEL works for and with large and small scale businesses as well as international development organizations and national research institutions in the following major areas:

  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Development and Construction.

The company is 100% Nigerian content; incorporated in Nigeria in 2008; and with a combined human resource and technical experience of over two decades. AFEL is affiliated with the following environmental accredited laboratory: Jenneoby (Lagos) and Jacio (Warri)

AFruit Enterprises is a subsidiary of AFEL with the mandate to market and distribute its eco-friendly products and services including Solar Technology.



Our Mission

“Our mission is principally to improve client value and offer best quality services in our designs, procedures and operations while maintaining a clean and safe environment”

Our Vision

Our vision is to be reputable resource managers in the environment, energy and development industries.

Our Values

Our core values include high integrity, commitment and timeliness.


Our Subsidiary: AFruit Enterprises (AFE)

AFruit Enterprises (AFE) is an affiliate/subsidiary of AFruitful Environment Limited (AFEL), mainly responsible for the marketing and distribution of SOLAR (and other environment friendly) products and services in Nigeria.

AFE works hand-in-hand with AFEL to promote and advocate the use of renewable, eco-friendly products for the benefit of all.